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Umi Sushi Bistro – More Like Yummy Sushi Bistro

July 4, 2012 by  

sushiimage borrowed from Insider’s Passport

I am not what you would call a sushi aficionado.  I have had what I would consider to be good sushi, and I have had what I would consider to be bad sushi (so bad that I was sick for three days bad, that’s how bad).  Umi Sushi Bistro sushi is very good sushi.  Being a not-expert on sushi, I can’t vouch for Umi’s superiority over other sushi places in terms of the quality or taste, although sushi-freak friends of mine have told me that it is excellent.

I can, however, talk about what I do know, which is all the stuff Umi serves that is not sushi – because I’ve tried most of it and everything I’ve tasted has been delicious.

I crave the Chicken Teriyaki pretty often.  It’s a huge meal, with the teriyaki chicken (tender and savory with sauteed onions), shumai (these delicious airy light puffy things), a salad with ginger dressing, four California rolls, and a lump of fluffy, light white rice.  You get a bowl of miso soup to start (perfectly seasoned and delicious), and if you’re one to imbibe, they have an impressive selection of Japanese liquers and sakes.

Every single appetizer offered is delicious.  The atmosphere is very dim – good for a romantic meal or just a place to get out of the brightness and busyness of Short Pump, and they play some pretty interesting music.  Umi is an experience.  I say go for it.

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