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Traveling the Richmond Blogosphere

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Anyone who writes for a living, writes for pleasure, or writes because they are simply COMPELLED to do so knows that it feels great to have readers.  I mean, I don’t know any bloggers, for instance, who get mad when people read their blogs.  Why put it out there if you don’t want people to read it?  We all wanna be the next Dooce, you know.

Richmond has some truly amazing bloggers who deserve tons of recognition.  I was going to pick a top 3, and that was impossible, so then I thought about writing a Top Ten list, but that was still too hard.  There are too many great writers who have top-notch blogs.  Rather than hide anybody’s light under a barrel, I’m going to give you a comprehensive idea of some local bloggers, and will do some follow-up features on some of said bloggers in the not-too-distant future.  Sound good to you?

Some of Richmond’s best blogs are about…Richmond!  One in particular, Tobacco Avenue, is Richmond’s answer to The Onion and is full of  smart, insightful, clever comedic commentary.  Another one, Buttermilk & Molasses, talks about Richmond-type-stuff plus a whole lot more.

A couple of Richmond bloggers write about writing – Fiction Matters and Alicia Farrell are two sites where you can go to get a wealth of information on the craft of writing.   What’s an Azalea writes about her life, art, and poetry, while Kindness Girl writes about her life and her personal mission – to bring goodness and kindness to the world.


Young House Love is a blog about the joys of home ownership.  They bought a house in 2006 and have been documenting the process of turning a house into a home.  They’ve been featured in The Nest, on HGTV, in The New York Times, on, and lots of other places.  They’re kind of a big deal.

Home Slice is a “30-something mother of girls born 23 months apart” and is a from Michigan, but calls Richmond her home.  She writes about being a Stay-At-Home mom, business owner, and what her life is like.  She’s a delight to read.


Cafe Darkness is a delightful mish-mosh of humor, pondering, advice, and commentary co-authored by The Barista and The Lone Wolf, two forces to be reckoned with.

For a blog more on the humor side of things, check out Jack Goes Forth, a guy who is so committed to his blog that he got fired over it – and then they talked about it on TV!  He’s a 25-year-old bartender who talks about his job and his drunken and sexual (and sometimes both) escapades ala Tucker Max, but in Richmond.

The Checkout Girl is a Richmond treasure.  She is from someplace crazy, like Saturn, or California, which is just CRAZY, but she’s taken the Richmond blog scene by storm and we’re lucky to have her.  She entertains us with tales from her job in an upscale store (unknown, to protect identities and such) and I, for one, wait with baited breath for every new installment of her column, 100 Bad Dates on

Do you know of anyone we left out?  Comment here and we’ll write them up in the next installment.  Want a whole RichmondVAPresents post all to yourself?  Email me and I’ll take you out for coffee and interview you.


4 Responses to “Traveling the Richmond Blogosphere”
  1. homeslice says:

    thanks so much for the mention! you picked some really terrific blogs. i’m proud to be part of the blogging community in richmond.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Did you see a caption of the tiny pic? Bwah. I think you need to be the first featured blogger – can you make the time for an interview?

  3. Ditto on homeslice’s comment. Thanks for shout out. Much appreciated. Woo woos on us!

  4. Double ditto on the thanks for the shout out. We always love to see the Richmond blog scene getting some praise. And you’re “kinda a big deal” comment has us feeling very Ron Burgundy. Too funny!

    s & j