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The Richmond SPCA – Every Life is Precious

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Working with homeless and abused animals can be a difficult job.  The sheer number of four-legged orphans in Richmond and the surround area is staggering.  So it is with much pride that we boast an organization that is dedicated to the preservation and protection of our furry companions; without whom our own humanity might be less evolved.  The Richmond SPCA was established in 1891, and for over a century has work diligently with the community to help decrease the number of homeless animals in the area by providing a safe haven for dogs and cats found lost or abandoned.

The Richmond SPCA stands on the principle that “every life is precious”.  They heavily promoted education, community involvement and volunteerism as means to provide the best care for animals in need.  They also provide vet services, training programs and free or low-cost spay and neutering for adopted animals and pets in the surrounding area.  Notably, the organization is a no-kill shelter, choosing instead to rely on generous foster homes and vet clinics to help disperse the population of the shelter to prevent overcrowding.  The Richmond SPCA also works closely with Hanover Animal Control and other local county shelters to save dogs and cats from shelters that euthanize.

A Cool Canine at a Richmond SPCA Event

A Cool Canine at a Richmond SPCA Event

The SPCA is based in the Robins-Starr Humane Society on Hermitage Road (just behind the baseball diamond).  Adoption events are hosted regularly, both at the shelter and various other locations around the city.  Those interested in adopting are encouraged to come visit and use the shelters “Meet Your Match” system, which is designed to help pair you with the best fit for your family and living situation, based on personality and temperament.

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