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The Richmond Institute of Burlesque

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A recent addition to Richmond’s dance community has me (and a bunch of other people) all atwitter.  The Richmond Institute of Burlesque opened its doors and now we all have the opportunity (if not the talent) to dance all sexy with the best of them.

Dolli Holliday

Dolli Holliday

Twilight Images by Melody Smith

Deepa De Jour


Photo by Stereo Vision Photography

Skye Sinclaire


photo by Melody Smith of Twilight Studios

Richmond Burlesque Goddesses Dolli Holiday, Deepa De Jour, and Skye Sinclaire are the three main instructors, but you can expect other Richmond-based burlesque beauties to make appearances, as well as nationally-known dancers who are traveling through Richmond.

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Some of the class offerings and descriptions are as follows:

Burlesque Basics:

All three founding members teach this class, where you’ll learn some basic moves like glove peels, shimmies, and the like, and they’ll give you a crash course in the history of burlesque, how to develop your own burlesque character, and more.  This class is open to women only, since you’ll be trying out your newly-learned moves with boas, gloves, and pasties.  Yeow!

The Art of Chair Dance and Stocking Peels:

Skye Sinclaire takes you through the steps of different chair dances and stocking peels.  Even if you don’t plan on using these techniques in your own public debut, these skills are sure to spice up your life at home.

Songs to Strip By:

Dolli Holiday teaches this wallet-friendly class, where you’ll learn all about picking the perfect song for your burlesque routine.  More than just an overview of good music, she’ll teach you how to use the building blocks of the songs (beats, breaks, etc.) to make your number special.

These classes are just the tip of the iceberg, Folks.  Check out the full course list to find the class for you, and check the calendar for class times and dates.  I was supposed to go to Sunday’s Make-Up and Wig Tricks class.  I’m really bummed I didn’t get to go because Liv actually teaches you (among many other things) how to select, trim, and apply false eyelashes, which is something I have always wanted to know how to do.

The Richmond Institute of Burlesque is located at 6517 Dickens Place.  You don’t have to be a skinny Minnie or a fabulous dancer to take classes there.  Dolli and the girls want you to know that burlesque is designed to make YOU feel good about YOU, and what’s better than that?

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