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The Growers Exchange – Farm Fresh Herb Plants

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Growers-Exchange-CatalogFor some, the sign of spring approaching is not the groundhog, or the daffodils poking their way up through the ground. Instead it’s the seed and plant catalogs arriving in the mailbox.  If you’re one of the lucky, or perhaps savvy, plant shoppers, you’ll make sure that the catalog from Charles City based The Growers Exchange is on the top of your list.

Sure you can go out every Saturday morning to the nurseries and the big box stores.  But you’re never sure what you’re going to get, and never quite sure of the quality.    By shopping from The Growers Exchange, either through the catalog or their website, you can plan a beautiful garden from the comfort or your home.  Then, when your plants arrive, you can leave your house and get to work.

Back in 1984 The Growers Exchange started in an old Texaco station located in Carytown.  After bringing the best herb plants to their customers for over 20 years, they decided it was time to move back to the farm.  Not to retire, not to close down, but to bring you the customer a better selection and to continue offering quality plants at reasonable prices.

The Growers Exchange is located 25 miles east of Richmond, on the historic James River in Charles City County.  There they not only grow the finest in plants, they work with the James River Association and the Nature Conservancy of Virginia to protect and preserve America’s founding river. There on 600 acres they use only the best natural products to grow their plants.  But they reserve 50 acres for a natural habitat of prairie grasses, wildflowers and herbs that serve as a buffer, keeping harmful nutrients out of the James which surrounds the property on three sides.

While everyone loves a local shop, The Growers Exchange has been able to build that sense of community on the Internet, but this time offering their plants and products to a wider base of customers.    In spite of the technology, they’re still the same family run business they’ve been since the beginning.

The nursery was opened in James City County in 1987.  But the farm has been continuously cultivated since the English settlers founded Jamestown over 400 years ago.  While The Growers Exchange grows many of their plants there on the James, they also have the ability to purchase plants from some of the best greenhouses and nurseries around.

Gardening is about getting back to nature.  So it’s refreshing to see the approach taken by The Growers Exchange that allows an honest and authentic approach to gardening.  This is done through the use of natural soil amendments that avoid the use of harmful chemicals.  The culinary, aromatic and medicinal herb plants that you get from The Growers Exchange are grown in recycled or recyclable containers and shipped to you in environmentally friendly packaging.  The plants you receive are healthy and in turn help you to be healthy.

You’ll receive only the finest quality plants from The Growers Exchange.  They’ll be sent to you at the proper time for planting in your zone and are carefully packaged to arrive safely.  Along with your plants, you’ll get careful, detailed instructions for the planting and the care of your plants.    All you need to do is follow these instructions and you’re on your way to a healthy beautiful garden.

Don’t just shop for plants at The Growers Exchange.  There’s a great selection of gardening accessories and gifts along with herb garden kits.  You can have these sent with your plants or separately.

Don’t delay.  A fresh and new gardening experience awaits you.

Visit The Grower’s Exchange online today:
The Growers Exchange
11110 Sandy Fields Road
Charles City, VA 23030

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