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Umi Sushi Bistro – More Like Yummy Sushi Bistro

July 4, 2012 by  
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image borrowed from Insider’s Passport I am not what you would call a sushi aficionado.  I have had what I would consider to be good sushi, and I have had what I would consider to be bad sushi (so bad that I was sick for three days bad, that’s how bad).  Umi Sushi Bistro sushi […]

Cous Cous – A VCU-Area Gem

May 30, 2012 by  
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Cheesy Goodness courtesy of Cous Cous Cous Cous – 900 W. Franklin St. Richmond, VA 23220 Cous Cous, a self-proclaimed Mediterranean/Moroccan style restaurant situated extremely close to VCU’s Monroe Park Campus, is absolutely deserving of the hype it received when it first opened in July of 2006. Richmond restaurant whiz kids John Yamashita, Jason Henry, […]

Avenue 805 – A Cheap Date Restaurant

Nestled into Davis Avenue right near the intersection of Davis and Broad, sits Avenue 805.  Formerly owned by a veteran Richmond restaurateur, Avenue 805 has been under new ownership for a few years.  Owners Jeff and Sarah Baird have breathed new life into a cozy little restaurant, and Jeff’s culinary expertise make Avenue 805 a […]

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