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Sister Sites About Richmond

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Here at Richmond VA Presents, we try to bring you information on a variety of subjects.  We bring you the best of Richmond, be it restaurants, places to go, bands, or whatever strikes our fancy. While this format has worked out pretty well on this site, we’ve realized that, at times,  some people want more […]

Becky’s – A Richmond Institution

About a hundred years ago (OK, more like 10 years ago) I worked at the corner of 1st and Cary Streets.  Across the street (on the north side of the street) was a breakfast and lunch place called Becky’s.  I had a fabulous metabolism back then, so I ate breakfast there almost every day. Becky’s […]

Restaurant Review – Summer Shack in Richmond, Virginia

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Drive out Broad Street a ways (a long ways) and you will find The Summer Shack positioned jauntily on the lot.  A small boat decorates the front.  You walk in, and the decor is decidedly beach-themed.  Volleyball nets and flip flops decorate the walls.  The tables and chairs are mismatched in a charming, not messy […]