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Plants and Herbs of Christmas Time

December 10, 2012 by  
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Christmas is celebrated in many different ways across the world.  This important holiday has taken on many forms throughout the years and each culture has different ways of making the season bright.  Within each family there are also special traditions.  Despite all the differences there are a few common elements that you’re certain to spot.  […]

The Growers Exchange – Farm Fresh Herb Plants

For some, the sign of spring approaching is not the groundhog, or the daffodils poking their way up through the ground. Instead it’s the seed and plant catalogs arriving in the mailbox.  If you’re one of the lucky, or perhaps savvy, plant shoppers, you’ll make sure that the catalog from Charles City based The Growers […]

The Virginia State Capitol Building – the Most Visible Richmond Landmark

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The Virginia State Capitol was not always centered on Richmond, VA but has been moved from several locations within the Commonwealth as times and needs dictated.  Today, the most visible landmark in Richmond if the majestic grandeur of the State Capitol Building, sitting atop Shockoe Hill, a dominating position which once overlooked the falls on […]

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