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Sister Sites About Richmond

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Here at Richmond VA Presents, we try to bring you information on a variety of subjects.  We bring you the best of Richmond, be it restaurants, places to go, bands, or whatever strikes our fancy.

While this format has worked out pretty well on this site, we’ve realized that, at times,  some people want more specific information.  Sometimes people need a little more than the grab-bag of wonderfulness they get on this site (and the remarkable humility of its writer) and want a site they can go to for something specific.  Well, don’t say we don’t listen, Richmond.

A view of our fair city by Jim Brickett

A view of our fair city by Jim Brickett

If you want only restaurant reviews and information about food in our fair city, check out Eating in Richmond, a site managed by one Mr. David Mattera – a guy who knows his stuff when it comes to food.  Not only does David mention and review specific restaurants, he also chooses a subject and gives you an overview of what the city has to offer.  Check it out.  He’ll make you hungry.

For a look at the business side of the Richmond mullet, take a look at Richmond VA Business, a site managed by one Mr. Michael Fletcher, a local writer and consultant.  He tells you all the things you want to know about businesses in Richmond.  From posts about local celebrities (they chuckle when I call them that) to posts about 101-year old companies, Fletcher speaks with intelligence and authority.

When you want to read about things to do around Richmond, you can scoot over to Richmond VA Life, a site devoted to the funner things in town.  One cool thing about this site is that it is always accepting submissions from readers.  If you have an interesting picture of something Richmond-related, you can email it to the site admin and he might very well post it.

If you have young ‘uns, add Richmond For Kids to the list of sites you read.  It covers good places to take the kids out to eat, cool places kids want to go, and pretty much all things Richmond kids.

And, finally, for those social media peeps out there, we bring you Socially Richmond.  Socially Richmond is a group effort by a bunch of people that I don’t know.  You might or might not know them.  But you will (if you ever poke a toe in the Twitter pool) know the people featured on the site.

These (and many other) sites are supported by Big Oak Inc., an ethical SEO Company located in Richmond, Virginia.  Not only are they ethical, they are also awesome, and super-nice.  And I don’t just say that because they let me write on this website.  I’m a card-carrying fan.


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