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RichmondMom.Com – Kate Hall’s Labor of Love

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When you talk to Kate Hall, it is hard to decide if you’re talking to a small-business owner, a devoted Mom – o – three, a social media guru, a Mommy Blogger, a philanthropist, or a children’s book author.  Actually, it’s not really that hard, because within a couple of minutes you realize that she really is all of the above.

Kate Hall

I was lucky enough to know Kate when we both worked at the now-deceased local title insurance titan, LandAmerica.  Kate showed up at the company with loads of corporate experience and even more charisma.  Unfortunately (at the time) for both of us, the titan fell and we were both looking for work.

Kate started RichmondMom while she was still in the corporate world.  It was a sort of for fun, sort of experimental thing.  She was learning about web marketing and social media and saw a real need for some solidarity among parents in the Richmond community.  Kate, being Kate, decided to do something about it and started the website.

As she went through grueling interview processes at some of the biggest companies in Richmond (including The Fed), more and more of Kate’s customers, readers, and fans were urging her to take it to the next level.  With a deep breath and a giant leap of faith, she did so, and the site has been rockin’ ever since.

In addition to running a business that has more than doubled its client base within a short year, Kate has also jumped in to the social media scene here in Richmond, and through it has participated in many, many (did I say many?) charitable events and causes.  If that wasn’t enough, she actually wrote and self-published an educational kid’s book about Richmond history.

I asked her what gave her the idea for Richmond Rocks, and she told me that she was on Brown’s Island with her family and. her eldest son (age eight) started asking her questions about the area, and she realized that there was LOTS he didn’t know about Richmond history.  So she decided to do something about that, too.

Self-publishing is no easy task, but Kate pulled it off with a team of folks (illustrator, editor, etc) that she simply raves about.  With her customary good cheer and wicked (but great) sense of humor, Kate told me about the whole thing – from finding and hiring Knox Hubard for the illustrations, to working with Hayes and Fisk for photographs of Richmond, to the printing and distribution of the books, to how scary it is to foot the bill for a project like this and hope that it makes enough to even pay for itself.

Through hard work, tenacity, and the fact that the book is fantastic, the book is a success.  Richmond schools teach Virginia history in the 5th grade, so teachers are going to use it as a teaching aid.  Kate’s done signings all over Richmond, and you can check the site for upcoming signings.

Kate keeps up with her many online and networking responsibilities via Facebook, Twitter, and even 4Square (according to which she is the Mayor of Chick Fil A) and she attends the SMCRVA events.  She’s a ball of fire, a whirlwind of wit and energy, and one of the People To Know in our fair city.  And to top it off, she’s super-nice.

Get hooked in with her network on and introduce yourself next time you see her out and about in Richmond.  You’ll be glad you did.

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