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New York Deli

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New York Deli, Richmond, Virginia by Wahig.

Ah.  New York Deli.  Years ago it was a great breakfast spot with battered linoleum floors, harsh florescent lighting, and less-than-updated bathroom fixtures.  Now it is a center of nightlife activity, full of the bright and the beautiful…and the often slightly or more-than-slightly inebriated.

But that’s not New York Deli’s fault.  They certainly offer a wide range of libation, as well as some very tempting drink specials, but how much you imbibe is completely up to you.  That, combined with the fact that there is plenty of delicious food to balance things out, you can probably hang out there without putting yourself in too much danger.

Food-wise, New York Deli has stayed true to its roots with the Liptauer appetizer.  It’s a super-secret cheese spread that is served with rye toast points and it’s GOOD.  Stat with that or the Spinach Artichoke dip.  You won’t be sorry.  Have a sandwich if you’re extra hungry, and make sure to get the beer-battered fries with that.  Make sure.

There is so much I haven’t had there that I feel sure you’ll here about this place again, especially if I can drag my old self out to party one night – they have a DJ every night that plays through last call.  People have a really great time.  You should check it out.

As a side note, the place is decorated up in a really neat way.  If you sit at the bar there are all sorts of fun things to look at, like antique cash registers, dirigible models, and more.


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