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Low Cost Does Not Mean Sacrificing High Quality in Online Printing

August 3, 2012 by  

Most small companies have to make choices in how to spend their marketing dollars, and many times those choices involve trade-offs.

You may want to attend an important trade show, but you can afford only a small booth off the beaten path.

You may want to give a special discount for a new product, but the discount will eat up any chance at a profit.

You may want to send out a new catalog to every prospect on your list, but the bill for printing all those catalogs is painfully high.

We at Conquest Graphics understand those concerns, and so we are not just in the business of printing. We are also in the business of making sure that our customers are getting the most effective use of their print dollars. Here are some recommendations we would make to any potential customer who wants to benefit from our many years of experience:

Savings via content. Let’s say that your catalog is too expensive, and the only way you can see to cut your costs is to reduce your page count by twenty percent. After discussions with your Conquest representative, you can save money on paper and now you need to cut only ten percent. We’ll show you how to place QR codes in various places in your catalog. The customer can scan those codes and go to our website where she will find additional items which you didn’t have room for in the catalog.

Savings via materials. Your Conquest representative is always prepared to offer you options such as using a lesser weight of paper or by giving you digital proofs rather than the more expensive had copy proofs. There are times when either of those options may make sense.

Savings via distribution. One of the biggest causes of waste in mailing is the failure to clean up the mailing list. Duplicate names and customers who are unproductive need to be weeded out from time to time, and this process can be the source of savings.

At Conquest, we have decades of experience helping customers save money on their printing projects. Contact us today and we can help you as well.

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