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Kid Gloves Moving – Great Service

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A few days ago, a near and dear family member used Kid Gloves Moving to move all her earthly possessions from one house to another.  I had never heard of this company before, so I decided that if they did a good job I might write them up here so that you, fellow Richmonders, might know about a different option than the usual suspects.

As it turns out, they did a FABULOUS job.  They were prompt, quick, and cost-effective.  They were courteous, gentile, and kind.  They are not your typical movers.

Kid Gloves Moving is owned and operated by Gene Montagnino, a native New Yorker who’s been in the moving biz for 30 years.  He has been in Richmond the past 11 years, and one of the reasons you may not have heard of him is that he runs a referral-based business.  He does not advertise, per se.  This post is not a paid advertisement.  It’s just me telling you about a really good moving company.

One cool thing about Kid Gloves Moving is that Gene quotes a flat rate and sticks to it.   The reason this is good is that many times, hourly quotes result in a team that isn’t really getting the lead out for you.  Gene quotes a reasonable flat rate and his guys work quickly and efficiently.  Heck, they didn’t even take bathroom breaks.  They got a 4-bedroom house loaded, unloaded and placed in under three hours.

Gene, as the owner-operator, shows up to the move with his other two team members.  One has been with him 5 years, the other about 1 1/2.  They do 15-18 moves per month.

I recommend these guys.  Enough said, right?  To contact them, call 804-273-0707 or Gene directly at 804-216-6683. Gene will come out and quote you the job.


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  1. Mr. Moving Buddy says:

    My friend who’s planning to move here in Virginia is happy that he found the right service to help him move to his new place.