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Fence Me In – Richmond’s Fencing Experts

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For affordable and quality Richmond fencing company in Virginia, you should check out Fence Me In.  Choosing the type of fence you want is hard enough, but finding a company who builds it right for a price you can afford is even harder.

Lots of fence companies will use dry packing when the set the fence posts.  This allows the fence to be built quicker, but doesn’t make for a very steady fence in the long run.  Dry packing can allow the fence posts to shift before ground water can have the chance to set up the foundation.  Fence Me In buries fence posts into two feet of  concrete, ensuring that the fence posts are straight and true.


The fence posts are just the tip of the iceberg.  Fence Me In uses heavy duty hinges to guard against a saggy fence, and all the wood they use is pressure treated pine.  They build fences out of wood, vinyl, chain link, and aluminum, and there are many examples on their website of the styles you can choose.  If you want something you don’t see there, just ask, because Fence Me In can create a custom fence for you.

Fence Me In, an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau, is also capable of professional land surveys, and maintains a very high customer service rating.  Also, every fence built by Fence Me In yields a contribution to the SPCA.

Fence Me In can be reached on the phone at 888-FENCING, or you can fill out their online contact form.



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