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Local Richmond Attorney Showcase: Chris Guedri

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Chris Guedri (Paul Christopher Guedri) is a local personal injury attorney with the firm Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen. I’m sure you’ve seen or heard their commercials. He has been listed on The Best Lawyers in America for personal injury lawyers in Richmond for over 15 years now. Below are some of his blog posts […]

An Interview with Nathan Cushing of RVANews

I’m a person who often speaks before I think.  I recently finished my Master’s degree at VCU, and thinking back to sitting in class, I realized that I must have come off, if not like a complete weirdo, at least a little random.  On a good day, my comments seemed like a spontaneous stream of […]

Richmond’s Todd Raviotta

I recently had the pleasure and privilege of sitting down with Todd Raviotta – an educator, filmmaker, and photographer here in Richmond.  What follows is our talk, transcribed as word-for-word as I can make it.  Because the guy can turn a phrase, and I don’t want to leave anything out. Q:  You’re a director, editor, […]

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