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bioRide Provides Ultimate Richmond Beer Tour Experience

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If you are a fan of beer at all, you likely already know that the Richmond Region is on one of the country’s leading cities for craft beers and breweries. Craft breweries abound in farm settings where you can enjoy your brew surrounded by nature, as well as in urban settings where you can view the city skyline. Soon Richmond will be welcoming Stone Brewing Company to offer yet another choice for lovers of craft beers. In naming Richmond a must-see destination in 2014, Frommer’s cited Richmond’s craft beer scene as one of the four factors in making the selection.


You may already have a favorite craft brewery, but why limit your enjoyment when Richmond has so much to offer? Touring around to all of Richmond’s craft breweries can be a challenge. Not only to you have to choose which breweries to visit, there’s always the challenge of choosing who gets to be the designated driver.

That’s when you need to give BioRide a call. If you’re looking for the ultimate Richmond Beer Tour experience contact BioRide to have a tour customized to the preferences of your group.

You can relax and enjoy your tour and your beer in style when you choose to book a Beer Tour with BioRide. Leave the driving to BioRide as you and your companions enjoy some of the finest craft brews that Richmond has to offer.

Schedule your beer tour with BioRide to experience some of Richmond’s best quality craft brews. Your expert hosts will take you to such breweries as Hardywood, Center of the Universe, Midnight Brewery, Strangeways Brewing, Isley Brewing Company, and Triple Cross Brewing Company, and as noted above, soon to be added to the list is Stone Brewing Company.

While you and your friends are experiencing a great tour and some great brews, you can rest assured that you’re also having a positive impact on the environment. The vehicles in the BioRide fleet operate on biodiesel fuel. Even better the fuel is processed using the waste cooking oils from Richmond area restaurants, hotels and corporations. By partnering with these local businesses, BioRide is able to fuel their luxury vehicles with biodiesel which burns significantly cleaner than regular gasoline.

In addition to the Beer Tours, BioRide provides airport transportation, corporate car service, wedding transportation, wine tours and tacky light tours.

Visit bioRiderva.com to book your Richmond beer tour.

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