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Lead Generation by Roger Leek

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A friend of RichmondVAPresents is looking to make your business better.  Check out Roger Leek’s website after reviewing the article about lead generation.

Effective online marketing can be a daunting task for many businesses. If not done right, the return on investment could easily be little or nothing.  As with any marketing effort, the ultimate goal is attracting new business.  When marketing is focused on lead generation, the return on investment becomes obvious.  Like SEO, the objective is attracting the right audience – people interested or in need of your product or service – and capturing their information for immediate or future follow up.

As competition for ad dollars intensifies, the power is gradually moving back toward the advertiser.  A trend toward lead generation is beginning to take hold.  For example, Google Analytics measures the effectiveness of an online advertising campaign from the click through an online transaction and reports the cost per conversion or sale.  Savvy advertising agencies want to buy online media based on cost-per-action instead of cost per impression or click.  This has resulted in an increasing ability for advertisers to pay for performance.

The cost of a lead will naturally vary from business to business.  A few targeted advertising campaigns and some research can determine an average cost per lead for any business.  The goal then becomes driving down the cost per lead without sacrificing quality.

Roger Leek is an experienced online marketing consultant.  Roger currently works with high tech companies like Microsoft, CA, HP, Oracle and advertising agencies like Universal McCann, Starcom Worldwide and JWT.  He can meet with your business in Richmond and help develop an effective lead generation strategy.

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