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A Dozen Benefits You’ll Enjoy In A Retirement Community

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After many years of living in the same house, you might feel reluctant to leave it. You have accumulated memories in your home and have grown accustomed to the quirks and personality of the house. However, when the kids have grown up and moved out, the space and upkeep become a burden and your pleasant memories can be replaced by the worry and hassles inherent in maintaining too much space. Instead of letting this happen, consider moving into a retirement community. The atmosphere and downsized responsibility of a retirement community are a draw for many people. These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg, however; there are many reasons to enjoy a community created just for you.

Benefits, Amenities, and a Lifestyle Built For You

  • lakewood-manor-richmond-vaYou can enjoy the beauty of manicured landscaping without doing the work yourself. No lawn-mowing, snow shoveling, tree-trimming, or constant weeding.
  • Home repairs are completed by experienced professionals. Routine maintenance is also usually provided.
  • Home designs are drawn up with seniors in mind. You don’t need to worry about unwanted stairs, extra rooms to clean, or cupboards that you can’t reach.
  • If you have mobility concerns, a retirement community is the perfect place to find a home with the walk-in tub and room to maneuver that can help you to retain your independence.
  • There are often amenities available such as care for your household plants or pets if you decide to travel. Other amenities might include the ability to enjoy community meals or to order in. Many retirement communities will provide transportation to community events or for the errands and shopping that you wish to do. Activities are planned for the specific members of your community.
  • Safety may also be a concern for you. Retirement communities offer secure, gated neighborhoods and may have a guard posted at the entrance. Homes also come with security features. Some of those features may include a quick response if you experience a medical emergency.
  • In a retirement community you get to know your neighbors and quickly find friendships with people of similar interests or with new friends whose diverse experiences can complement your own.
  • Retirement communities are often convenient to entertainment, recreational activities, and shopping centers, reducing the amount of time you spend traveling.
  • In many cases, the retirement community will also provide access to memberships. Do you like to golf, play bingo, or attend the symphony and theater? Enjoy memberships, ticket information, and other perks when you reside in a retirement community.

There are other very practical reasons to consider living in a retirement community as well.

  • Your rent and monthly costs will be the same from one month to another. As the senior population continues to grow, retirement communities are becoming more common and more diverse. Community planners are aware of the financial constraints experienced by many retirees and are able to provide appropriate housing options for them.
  • If you or your spouse have medical concerns that make living on your own more difficult, then a retirement community provides you with an excellent option. Instead of sacrificing your independence, you can enjoy a community prepared to meet your changing needs.
  • Many seniors have become uncomfortable in a climate where they can’t get warm or are always too hot. There are many retirement communities established in areas where the climate is temperate and activities aren’t limited by the weather.
  • Seniors with physical therapy needs can often find that those needs are met in a retirement community. Exercise groups, healthy living programs, and other classes to help you maintain the graceful health that you hope for are often usually part of the programs.

Research Your Options to Find the Right Community for You

As you are approaching retirement, you should make time to investigate the different retirement communities in your area or located near your family or friends. Find out how much independence you will be able to enjoy and which services the community will be able to offer you. Look at the payment schedules for the lifestyle that you hope to maintain through retirement and how flexible the community will be if your needs change.

Involve Your Family

Let your family members know what your desires and feelings are. Help them to understand the benefits that you will enjoy at a retirement community and the advantages to them as well. Getting your family on board will ease their concerns and will make it easier for you as you make the final decision about your community of choice.

Lakewood Manor’s Richmond Virginia residents have enjoyed the peace of mind that comes with knowing they have a place to call home and access to quality care for the rest of their lives. It’s a promise kept since our parent organization, Virginia Baptist Homes, opened its first retirement home 1948.

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