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8 Tips To Finding The Best Assisted Living Facility For Your Loved One

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wide-girl-on-wheel-190x120If your friend or loved one needs medical care that you are no longer able to provide in your home, you may make the decision to move them into a nursing home or an assisted living facility.  How do you know which facility to choose?  While there are many aspects of the facility that you should look into, here are a few key questions that you may want to ask.

Tip #1:  Is the facility clean?

When finding the perfect facility for your loved one, cleanliness is key.  Don’t forget to look into the corners, and on the windowsills to get an idea of how often the facility is actually cleaned.  Inquire as to when and if housekeeping is available for your loved one’s personal room.  Is there maintenance available on a regular basis should something go wrong?  You’ll also want to know what the laundry conditions are.  Many facilities provide a laundry service, while others require the resident to do their own laundry.

Tip #2:  What types of activities are available?

Many assisted living facilities will schedule regular social activities for their residents.  Ask for a schedule of the activities planned for the month, and ask if you and your loved one can attend one of the functions.  This will allow you to determine whether the activities are well organized, and if they will be something that your loved one would like to attend in the future.  Not only do you want to make sure that there are interesting activities planned, but you may want to inquire if there are other outings offered, away from the facility.  Religious services may also be important to your family.

Tip #3:  Is the staff friendly?

You want to make sure that your loved one is going to be treated with love, care, and respect.  During your visit, carefully watch the interactions between the staff and the current residents.  Do the current residents seem to like the staff members?  You may even want to ask a current resident their thoughts on the professionalism and friendliness of the staff.  An introduction to the staff members is often a part of the initial tour of the facility.  When your loved one is meeting the staff members, you want to make sure that they feel comfortable with them.

Tip #4:  How is the quality of the food served?

Eat a meal at the facility.  This is an important way to tell if the meals served at the facility are tasty.  You’ll also get a feel for the dining environment.  When are the meal times?  Are there snacks available in between meals?

Tip #5:  Does the facility offer nice outdoor areas?

Of course, you’ll want to spend a beautiful spring morning outdoors.  Many facilities offer beautiful landscaping, and places to spend a sunny day outdoors.  Some may even have walking paths, gardens, trails, ponds, or other ways to enjoy the outdoors.

Tip #6:  What kind of medical staff is available?

While many assisted living facilities have medical nurses and doctors on staff at all times, others have a more limited medical staff.  Depending on the medical needs of the resident, you can determine whether they need full or part time medical staff available.

Tip #7:  Is there a security procedure in place?

Safety and security are vital parts of any assisted care facility.  Does the room meet the physical needs of your loved one?  Look for safety bars in the bathroom, as well as other safety features that the resident may require.  What is the procedure if the resident falls or if an emergency occurs?  Are the residents able to leave the facility on their own accord?  You want to make sure that your loved one doesn’t wander away, and that someone is watching them at all times.

Tip #8:  Does the facility exude the atmosphere that you’re looking for?

Whether you are looking for a quiet and tranquil place to live or a fun and energetic environment, make sure the facility has an atmosphere that fits your lifestyle.

There are many details to consider when choosing the best residence for your special loved one.  Having a list of questions or details that you want inquire about is essential.  This will keep you from forgetting items that you wanted to discuss with the management.  Most important, go with your gut instinct as to how your loved one would feel living in the assisted living home.

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